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Virtex OÜ provides
services to corporate customers

We offer construction and engineering related consultations
to corporate customers by way of the B2B model.
Virtex OÜ provides all-inclusive and efficient
solutions in every stage of your project.
Virtex OÜ’s customers from industrial undertakings to state-owned companies, from real estate owners and organizations involved in real estate to main contractors look for levelheaded, well organized, and future oriented solutions for buildings and industrial plants.

Design services by Virtex OÜ include three principal areas: conceptual design, basic project, and operational project. These services constitute the key elements in project implementation, project management, and advisory services.

Virtex OÜ has the following registrations in the register of economic activities:

  • Number
    Area of activity
  • EEP001354
  • EPE000413
  • EEK000675
  • TEL002150
  • TGT000453

Services for corporate customers

Consultations related to engineering and technical matters

Owner consultation. Independent technical system specific consultation during the design of a building or at the time of construction (heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sewage, automated features, low current, high current, smoke control).


Technical system (heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sewage, automated features, low current, high current, smoke control) design. Virtex OÜ prepares construction projects in different stages from conceptual designs to technical product drawings. We prepare projects in adherence to EVS (Estonia), EN (Europe), SNIP (Russia), GOST (Russia), RT (Finland), and LVI (Finland) standards. We are proud to provide for our customers only the most contemporary and optimal solutions.

BIM Design

Virtex OÜ offers contemporary model based design of different parts of buildings called Building Information Modelling (BIM).
We perform:
- design of BIM model of constructive elements
- design of BIM model of heating system elements,
- design of BIM model of ventilation systems elements,
- design of BIM model of cooling systems elements,
- design of BIM model of water supply and sewage systems elements, and
- design of BIM model of smoke control systems elements,
- preparation of aggregate BIM model.

Expert analysis of projects

We offer our customers expert analysis of HVAC and WS projects. Why you should let us provide your expert analysis:
- We have 15 years of experience in design. We know the Estonian construction material and construction market very well.
- Our extensive experience enables us to suggest the most optimal solution fast.
- Use of our services mitigates the owner’s or the main contractor’s financial risks during construction (saves time and money).
- Our expert analysis makes funds available to the owner of the structure or to the main contractor - we suggest optimizations during back-calculation.

Our clients and partners

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