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Virtex OÜ provides services
to private customers

If you are unsure how to begin with designing private residences,
consult with people that benefit from extensive design experience.
Virtex OÜ’s specialists know the difference between private houses and industrial buildings.

Designing a private residence is very different from designing industrial buildings: the design must consider the owner’s preferences, the characteristics and peculiarities of the plot, the available budget, and requirements set for dwellings. We will be happy to provide engineering and technical consultations as customized to your needs.

Our advantages:
- Comprehensive design set
- Extensive experience, more than 450 projects of various sizes
- Personalized approach to each individual customer
- Contemporary design approach

Services for private customers

Consultations related to engineering and technical matters

Owner consultation. Independent technical system specific consultation during the design of a building or at the time of construction (heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sewage, automated features, low current, high current, smoke control).

Design of private residences

Technical system (heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sewage, automated features, low current, high current, smoke control) design. Virtex OÜ prepares construction projects in different stages from conceptual designs to technical product drawings. We prepare projects in adherence to EVS (Estonia), EN (Europe), SNIP (Russia), GOST (Russia), RT (Finland), and LVI (Finland) standards. We are proud to provide for our customers only the most contemporary and optimal solutions.

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